PAG Charter - MHK View at the 2006 General Election

Wednesday, 22 November 2006 00:00 PAG
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Questionnaires were sent out to all 55 candidates in early November 2006. All questions referred to the items in the PAG charter.

Of the 24 duly elected MHKs, 6 did not reply to us, despite a reminder: Henderson, Corkish, Cregeen, Karran, Crookall, and Bell.

Most correspondents chose to comment on their answers and 5 submitted full written replies rather than just complete the questionnaire. Anderson referred to his manifesto. We thank all 44 candidates that took the trouble to respond.

The following summary shows fairly significant support for all bar one item: and on that item - fewer ministers - almost half of correspondents were undecided.

These are heartening results for PAG.

Question Agree Undecided Disagree
Legco elected by the people 18
Fewer Ministers 2 8 8
Fewer Departmental Members 9 6 3
Ministers must be MHK's 11 5 2
Auditor General 13 5
Independent Ombudsman 14 4
Freedom of Information Act 16 1 1
Conflicts of Interest Act 12 5 1
Actively Implement change 13 4 1